Fantasy Coins

I've been looking for a method to produce fantasy coins to use as props during RPG games.

While making real coins with the tecnique used in historical times, up to the Renaissance, would be interesting, it requires nontrivial tools and skills, not to speak of the expense in raw materials.

gold and silver dwarven coins
Some dwarven coins.

Instead I've applied a similar tecnique, with dies and some sort of "blank" to cernit, to make a lightweight and cheaper alternative that looks quite practical for gaming purposes.


A scrap cernit cylinder with carvings.
The die used for dwarven coins

The first step is carving a die: from some scrap cernit make a cilinder with the desired diameter and about two fingers high; make sure that the ends are flat and cut it in half lenghtwise with a sharp tool, as to minimize deformation.

On the cut faces, carve the desired images: I use some carving tools for linoleum, a pin and a round pin head. When you're satisfied with the result bake them for some 20 minutes at 110°C and let them cool, possibly a whole night, at least a few hours. I still haven't found a method to test the die before baking.

When the die is ready, prepare the blanks: prepare some metallic cernit and then divide it in small spheres, about half the die in diameter. Do do so there are two methods: the one I've used is to roll it in a log and cut some similar pieces, the other — more accurate — one is to roll it flat and use something like a ring to cut precisely identical pieces.

Wet the die with some water, put the blank in the die, close it, remove the coin to the oven tray and proceed with the next one.

Bake as usual for cernit; since they are quite thin 15 minutes are probably enought.

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