Victorian correspondence

I've found an old letter: neatly penned in an elegant calligraphy on paper with just a hint of lavender perfume it lied in a corner of my mind in a cobwebs covered box.

Then, one day I've stumbled on a AO3 random tag generator that provided me with the combination "historically accurate summer camp bondage" and I just had to visit the attic of my mind looking for relevant items.

My dear Z.

As you well know, I've just now returned from the summer residence of Lady N. in D., where our small Society of Fiber Lovers had their last meeting in order to prepare for our annual retreat this coming summer. Your name was often mentioned, & you were most strongly missed: we all _strongly_ hope you will be in good health and able to attend the retreat.

The shipment of jute from the east indies arrived: your portion is in my care & you can retreive it at your leisure: it is still raw & requires the usual treatment; you can have it done at the retreat if it's more convenient to you.

The same shipment also included the rattan we were waiting for, in order to devote a reasonable time to the scientific analysis of its advantages and disadvantages, and a comparison with our native and traditional birch.

As it is our custom, we have also devoted some time to the other fiber endeavour that is characteristic of our club: as many of us do, I find knitting to be extremely _soothing_, expecially after the physical & mental exertion required by our pastime & I won't cease to thank you for introducing me to it.

Believe me
Yours very affectionately,

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