A preview of the essenduino (click to view the full schematics).

The essenduino is just a schematic for the essential components of an arduino, minus the serial/USB parts, in a practical kicad project that can be used as a starting point to write schematics and PBCs for custom projects.

While arduino boards are excellent for creative prototyping, there are lots of simple projects where one could save money by using just what is needed: this is expecially true for standalone applications that have no need of serial/USB communication and can remove what is probably the most expensive component. One could then use a full arduino for prototyping and then remove the atmega and place it on the final board with a few other cheap components, at about half the price of a full board.

This kicad project is mostly based on the severino (Arduino Single-Sided Serial Board) schematics, so it must be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5 license; my contributions are trivial and probably not even under copyright protection.


A preview of the essenduino without reference voltage.


There are two versions of the essenduino schematics. You can import them back in kicad with File -> Unarchive.

  • Essenduino:
    fully working arduino, minus serial communication.
  • Essenduino no-analog:
    without reference voltage, useful where analog inputs are not needed.
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