I've found an old bigrigio rotary phone and, together with my SO, decided that it had to be used some way, ideally one that involves making and receiving calls.

Excluding GPRS (what's the point of a fixed mobile phone?) and various proprietary services (of course), the best solution seems to be turning it into a multipurpose VoIP-ish phone by connecting it to a Single Board Computer which runs a VoIP client or other fun software.

One design constraint was that we tried to modify the original phone as little as possible: all connections to the SBC have been connected in a reversible way using the original phone terminals.

This is work-in-progress and further informations will be added as soon as they are available.



All sources are published in the vecchiofono git repository.

Demo mode

To be able to show off the project without an internet connection (and without giving access to my VoIP account), we wrote a small program which waits for digits from stdin and then, instead of passing the number to linphone, uses espeak to speak the called number aloud.

Send a comment: unless requested otherwise I may add it, or some extract, to this page.

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