Micro Switchboard

On my stereo I have just one line-in input, but I'd like to connect a few devices, some of them with hard to reach connectors like the pc (under the desk). Instead of an unsightly female jack hanging near the desktop I built a very simple input selector inspired by the manual phone switchboards of the first half of 20th century and a travel trunk from the same age that I use as furniture.

picture of the switchboard
The switchboard

I use it by leaving male - male cables always connected between the devices and the board and moving the cable that connects to the stereo to the desired input.

The switchboard has just a trivial 1-1 connection between nearby jacks, as can be seen in the picture.

For the casing I've used a readymade wooden box from a craft store, opened the holes for the jacks, painted it with acrylics. The black spots are made with a paper tissue crumpled, dipped in black acrylic, opened and pushed on the the box.

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