Quick and Dirty Weaving Tablets

It would be nice to have a set of historically correct, thin hardwood weaving tablets, but sourcing the materials isn't trivial where I live. When I started tablet weaving I've tried cardboard, with unsatisfying results (too thick, too hard to get smooth holes, to too much friction).

As I was reading tablet weaving instructions I got inspired by the suggestion to use a pack of gaming cards and decided to try with laminated paper, using plain 80g/m² printer paper and 75 µm laminating pouches, with surprisingly results.

The cards look a bit thin, but they are sturdy enought that my first set has lasted years and I'm still using it; holes can be punched and become regular enought not to be too hard on the warp and a page of 20 cards costs some 0.25€ if you have a printer and laminator, or about 1€ if you need to use a copy shop.


Download one of the files below, print it on either regular copy paper (80 g/m²) or a bit heavier (100-120 g/m²), but not cardboard.

Heat-laminate the whole sheet, let it cool.

Cut the straight lines with an hobby knife, round the corners with scissors; punch 6mm holes on the circles.

From the leftovers you can cut a shuttle and a not-very-effective beater (will do for your first project, but not much longer).

Send a comment: unless requested otherwise I may add it, or some extract, to this page.

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