WiiMote Presentation Remote

I'd like to show off[esc]d7hxause my new wiimote to control slideshows during presentation, to be able to move away from the pc.

I usually write my slideshows in LaTeX using beamer, so I produce pdf file that I read with epdfview, and that's what I need to control.

Changing pdfviewer may be an opinion if I find one with specific wiimote features, but it also needs to be lightweight.

This article is work in progress and will be updated with future developements of additional solutions.

Simple button based remote for epdfview

My first attempt uses only existing software and allows to use the buttons on the wiimote to control the pdf viewer: it uses a simple mapping for wminput with the following controls:

Up back one slide (page)
Down forward one slide (page)
B + Left Start of presentation (document)
B + Right End of presentation (document)
A Toggle full screen
Minus Left mouse click
Plus Right mouse click
Home Toggle full screen

If needed, the nunckuck accelerators can be used, with some practice, to control the mouse position.

This is the configuration file for wminput.

Button based with nunchuck mouse

The next step will keep the above bindings, but move full control of the mouse to the nunchuck stick and buttons.

Nunchuck only, with stick

At the LIFO we plan to use the wiimote ir sensor to control an interactive whiteboard: this prevents from using it as a remote, but with smaller screens it may be feasible to keep using the nunchuck as a remote.

Nunchuck only, with gestures

After testing the above solution, if the cord proves long enought, I plan to try and add some simple gesture recognition (which of course may become not so simple if I find some existing software :) ).

Full gesture remote with wiimote + nunchuck

This is the final plan: controlling the presentation with gestures of the wiimote, mouse and special effects with the nunchuck and conquering the world.

This will require some work. :)

Send a comment: unless requested otherwise I may add it, or some extract, to this page.

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